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Maintenance notes for new forklift

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1.   The forklift breaking-in period is generally200-300 hours. Reckless operation and sharp high-speed in turning are strictlyprohibited. It should be ignited with slow-speed instead of with fast-speed.

2.   The former forklift needs to be maintainedfor the first three times compulsively at intervals of about 100 hours. Thefirst maintenance should change the engine oil, oil filter. The secondmaintenance should change the engine oil, oil filters, air filters (now HELIforklift has two air filters, this time just need to change one in the front offrame. The engine’s filter should be changed after 300 hours). Thirdmaintenance replacing the engine oil, oil filter, air filter replacement basedon frequency of use condition. After three times maintenance, the users candecide the interval of maintenance at the use process of the future accordingto the user's actual working conditions.

3.   Forklift rear axle bears forklift steeringwork, the site should be regularly apply lubricant (knuckle, bolts, etc.).

4.   When the forklift is operating, to stop itwith the parking brake and out of gear. During transporting cargo, non-suddenrise or fall suddenly to avoid an impact on the goods. It is strictlyprohibited walking at high position while holding cargo in the process oftransport cargo; it should reduce the height of the cargo after the walk.

5.   The bottom of forklift lifting cylinder hasthe function of automatic anti-lock to prevent the burst pipe caused by therapid decline in the fork of the person or damage.

6.   When your forklift has quality problems,please contact our service department immediately.

Hereare the forklift industry maintenance standards as reference.

Formaking sure forklifts proper functioning, play the potential ability, regularmaintenance measures are important. Generally:

1)    Routine maintenance after each operation;

2)    First level technical maintenance,accumulated 100 hours of class work system is equivalent to 2 weeks.

3)    Second level technical maintenance,accumulated 500 hours, a class working time is equivalent three month.


First,routine maintenance

1)    Cleaning dirt, mud and dust in the forklift,key positions are: lift bracket and mast slide, the starter and generator,battery electrodes fork column, tank, air filter.

2)    Check all parts connections and fastening,key positions are: fork supported lifting chain tensioning screw, wheel bolts,wheel fixing pins, brakes, steering screws.

3)    Check the foot brake, steering reliable andflexible.

4)    Check for leaks, which focus on: various pipefittings, diesel tank, sump, pump the brake, lift cylinders, tilt cylinders,tanks, pumps, engine oil pan, torque converter, transmission, drive axle, themain reducer, hydraulic steering, steering cylinder.

5)    Clean the precipitate of oil filter.

Second,first level technical maintenance

Accordingto the "routine maintenance" project, and add the following work:

1)    Check the cylinder pressure or vacuum.

2)    Check and adjust valve gap.

3)    Check whether the thermostat is workingnormally.

4)    Check the multi-valve, lift cylinders, tiltcylinders, if the fuel tank and steering gear pump is working properly.

5)    Check whether the transmission is shiftingnormally.

6)    Check and adjust the gap between brake drumand pad of hand, foot brake control.

7)    The replacement of the oil sump, check thecrankcase ventilation taken over intact, clean oil filter and diesel filterelement.

8)    Check whether the installation of thegenerator and the starter is reliable, the wiring head is clean and firm,checking the carbon brushes is damaged.

9)    Check the fan belt tightness.

10) Check whether the wheel installation isreliable, tire pressure meets the requirement, and clear the debris embedded inthe tread.

11) As maintenance work needs to dismantle parts,you should take road test after reinstallation.

a)    The braking performance under variousdegrees, there should be no deviation, hunting. On steep slopes, it can bereliably stopped with parking brake.

b)    The engine has unusual noise or not, when theforklift is operated in acceleration, deceleration, heavy load or no-load, etc.

c)    Check the brakes, transmission, front axle,gear pumps at the availability of overheating after road test some distance.

d)    Fork lifting speed is normal or not, with orwithout shaking.

12.Check the fuel import filter of diesel tank whether clogging and damage, thenclean or replace the filter.

Three,second level technical maintenance:

Exceptfor first level technical maintenance projects, and add the following:

a)    Cleaning the tank, filters and piping, andcheck for corrosion, cracking collision case, after cleaning may not be usedwith fiber yarn, cloth wipe.

b)    Cleaning torque converter, transmission,inspect parts for wear and replace with new oil.

c)    Check the drive shaft bearing, depending onthe need to exchange universal joint cross-axis direction.

d)    Check the drive axle fastening ministries andthe presence of leakage, and clear the pores. Dismantling the final drive,differential, round-reducer, adjust the bearing axial clearance, add or replaceoil.

e)    To dismantle, adjust and lubricate the frontand rear wheels, and axle made transposition.

f)     Cleaning brakes, adjust the gap between thebrake drum and brake friction shoe.

g)    Cleaning steering gear to rotate freely,check the steering wheel.

h)    Demolition and cleaning gear pumps, payattention to check the wear of the gear housing and bearing.

i)      Demolition of multi-way valve, the stem andthe valve clearance check, do not open the safety valve, if not necessary.

j)      Check for damage and cracking knuckles,steering axle kingpin with the situation with the knuckle, dismantling aspectrod and steering arm joints wear.

k)    Removing a tire on the rim rust paint, checkthe tires and tubes and flaps, transposition accordance with the provisionsinflated.

l)      The connections are tight Check themechanical hand brake, handbrake lever and adjust the foot brake pedal strokework.

m)   The proportion of electro-hydraulic check thebattery, such as inconsistent with the requirements, the charge must beremoved.

n)    Clean the water tank and oil cooler.

o)    Check the shelf, whether the framedeformation, washable roller, each fixed attachment is reliable, restockingweld if necessary.

p)    Dismantling the lifting cylinders, tiltcylinders and steering cylinder, the replacement of worn seals.

q)    Check the instrument sensors, fuses andvarious switches, adjust if necessary.

Fourth,the whole car lubrication:

Newforklift or long-neglected forklift, and to begin use this kind forklift withinthe first two weeks should lubricate bearings. It should use new lubricant pushthe used one all out, and take this way more than twice, at the same timeplease pay attention the following points:

a)    It should clean the dirt in oil cap, drainplug and nozzle before lubricating in order to avoid the internal machinerycovered with dirt.

b)    It should replace seasonal lubricant (engineoil, etc.) in the summer or winter