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How to maintain the forklift mast

Send date: 2016/9/19 13:17:59 Collection:CRALIFT

Correctionmethod can be used to eliminate forklift mast deformation。When the bending and twistingdeformation is tiny, cold correction with static load could be workable. Whenthe bending and twisting is obvious, apply to thermal correction. 

Thermalcorrection Caution: Reduce the heating area, no more than 700℃, slow cooling to reduce brittleness.

Forkliftmast crack repairing:

    1) Forklift mast correction to maintain the inherent straightness beforerepaired.

    2) Grinding cracks until to expose metallic luster, and carefully examined to ensurethe boundaries of crack, then drilling ¢ 5- ¢ 8mm limiting hole away from thecrack boundaries.

    3) Grinding  weld  groove with  grinding  wheel  at cracks

    4) When welding, prefer DC reverse polarity arc. Arc should be as short aspossible, electrode diameter is 4mm, the current is about 210-240a. Electrodeshould be inclined to move direction of 20 degrees -30 degrees when welding. Weldingfrom the drilled hole to the crack tip, the same work at the other side ofmast. Weld height should not exceed the base plane 1-2mm. Ambienttemperature should be above 0 ℃ when welding.